Green Oil On My Local Pond

One afternoon the water on my Hampstead Pond was as clear as angel’s tears, reflecting only the blue sky and dotted by white seaguls and other birds. The following morning a green sickle of algae hooked more than two thirds of the water, making the birds to retreat into a safer place. Green algae are not to be trifled with. They are Nature’s wonderful biofuel, containing oil which is clean (doesn’t pollute seas if spilled) and much more productive than the black goo flowing through pipes from the Middle East, Russia and other oil-producing countries. They are already succesful green oil pond-wells in America, but the powerful dirty oil interests are trying hard to ridicule the idea of producing many different oils apart from gasoline (petrol) from algae. Anyway, I am not an expert on the miracles of green algae carpets, but you can find a lot of useful info on the web. I only wanted to show what unharvested wealth is growing on my local pond. I wonder when people will grow wise to what the Nature can offer them in their own gardens? Maybe, the day will come when having a car in the garage will also mean having a green oil pond in the garden. Sometime soon, I hope, because later than soon may be much too late to save our beautiful planet.


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Komentarze 4 to “Green Oil On My Local Pond”

  1. Ama Says:

    Hmm.. green algae is good but when it gets out of control it blocks the waterways and the gills of the fish so that they cannot breathe anymore. It is far better just to have a little, usually controlled by the fish population because they eat it.

    When I first saw this picture I thought the green was grass. 🙂 Amazing how the wind can create such a lovely straight line.

    Wishing you a good day,
    Love & Light

  2. stefan Says:

    Ama: Welcome and thank you.:-) I am very „green” on algae -fascinating subject as are many people who have written to me as if what I said was a revelation. But I believe that there are various types of algae and some are extremely useful as they absorb nasties from sewers and general pollution. Yes, I agree that planned cultivation of algae is necessary on public waters, but there are many ways of „cultivating” them and the beauty of that is that they grow so fast given right conditions. Somebody wrote to me that algae convinces him that there must be God, though otherwise he remains an atheist. 🙂 Wind makes patterns, but maybe algae cooperate in that. Love & Light

  3. monoli Says:

    stefan, in my opinion your picture looks like taken during autumn season… am I right?

  4. stefan Says:

    monoli: glad to see you here, Monika. 🙂 Yes, it was probably autumn, though it feels autumnal already and leaves are beginning to look rather more colourful than they should. Where have all the flowers gone…


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