Time in the Invisible World

If time were reversed then effect would become cause, and cause

effect. Take a simple example.

A man is enraged with me, he makes a bitter remark, which I hear and become offended. Reverse time. Thoughts of resentment are passing in my head; they are communicated by nervous impulse to my eardrums, which are set vibrating, and transmit sound-waves through the air to his larynx; this vibrates in sympathy, and in turn transmits nervous impulses to his brain  and solar plexus, where they are converted into thoughts and sensations of passionate anger. Lo and behold, my resentment is the cause of his anger. I am myself responsible for everything said to me.In me lies the cause of everything I see, hear and perceive.  I create the kind of world in which I live.”  

Rodney Collin: The Theory of Eternal Life

This description fits exactly a painful event in my life which happened only yesterday.  For a couple of days I have been brooding and thinking  with intense resentment about a man who was jealous about me and wished to “push me out” of somebody else’s life, because he felt that I was standing in his way. Yesterday, I was walking through my room on the way to the balcony when, suddenly and without any reason, I lost my balance and crashed on the floor hurting my ribs and leg on the right side. For a minute I was so stunned that only when I picked myself up, I had a distinct recollection of  being pushed from behind. As there was nobody else in the room and nothing on the floor that I could have tripped on, I dismissed the thought as an illusion caused by the shock of my heavy fall. And then for no reason I can think of, I picked up long forgotten Collin’s book from the shelf and opened it on the chapter about time. When I read the passage quoted above, the light flashed and I knew I have transmitted that resentful man’s push and that it was I who have created the accident. No magic, no voodoo, no invisible attacker. Just me and him, separated by thousands of miles, but linked by energy. I did what one should always do in such a situation: I sent him mentally my unconditional love and light. That’s my shield. IJI


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