29. EvoL fo SegariM LanmutuA

The woodpecker knocked three times. I thought that it was you coming back from your restless wanderings in search of departing swallows. I opened the door and saw only an old memory, wrapped in the tremulous illusions of the evening. The dark alder trees outside were already singing their old ghostly song “ …and can you not see, how  the Erl-King his daughters has brought here for me?””My son, my son, I see it aright,’Tis the aged grey willows deceiving thy sight.” My old memory shivered and wrapped herself  more tightly in her misty apparitions. “That’s what happens every autumn…departures and no arrivals.., love has to wilt…it’s the law of Nature, “ she sighed. Wilting purple flowers in a vase on the table echoed her mournfully. The night was brightened by a waxing moon. I turned off  the lights and sat outside in the faint glow of the moon.  I started humming do-re-mi-fa, the half-forgotten mantra of shamans, whose shadows passed in silence overhead. A pack of wolves answered me but that,too, was an illusion. During a sleepless night even mirages can taste like the juice of blue poppies.




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