Beware Of Nightmare Scenarios

The world is moving into winter darkness- at least, in the northern hemisphere. Very soon the Celtic Samhain, American Halloween and presidential election will descend upon us, ghosts will be marching across the land and demons of  financial chaos are busy sharpening their scythes. This is not the time to make nightmare scenarios of the future, because the future already looks spooky and unpredictableas it is. Even if you can’t feel the earth moving , it doesn’t mean that the tectonic plates are not buckling under your feet, literally and metaphorically. If the walls of capitalism are still looking strong , it is only because a vast army of spin-doctors are busy covering the cracks with their ghastly graffiti of weasel-words. What the politicians of all colours haven’t realized yet is that their patchwork of phoney remedies won’t work for one simple reason: people around the world have realized that the Emperor of the Free Market has always been only a striptease actor and is now naked. The show is over. The collapse of the financial world has its own destructive momentum which can no longer be stopped. The age of crass materialism, based on greed and social injustice is crumbling and this is a scenario of hope for millions of people around the world and a nightmare for a small number of dinosaurs who will soon become an obscene relic of the past.


Komentarze 4 to “Beware Of Nightmare Scenarios”

  1. szekina Says:

    I’ve just came to say good morning. Is there snow still? In Poland the last – I think – days of sun and not so cold. But I am in my usual mood at the begining of Novemeber – the mind preapares itself to coming winter darkness and there is not a single wise thought… But despite all this I still have a hope if not for the good morning, at least for a good the rest of the day…

  2. stefan Says:

    szekina: some snow still lying in gutters and on cars. Today is sunny-cold. I know that Novembrish feeling! stumbling into old ghosts wandering around and muttering their mantras. But I like our Polish name of the months because it is more evocative and in harmony with Leaf-Fall than the ninth month it isn’t. Sound a bit complicated. Have a lovely day. 🙂

  3. szekina Says:

    So maybe this is it – this ghosts visitors- which makes me a little bit scared, as what can be done against such a visitors, that are completely uknown and I know nothing about them? So maybe I just have to accept that, and hope for better? Some ghosts visiting me I do recognize, but it doesn’t help at all…

  4. stefan Says:

    szekina: Well, in two days there will be All Hallows Day (Zaduszki for us) and then you can light a candle and say a short mantra/invocation addressed to Michael, the Guardian Angel. „Please remove from my presence and from this house all human-in-spirit and take them Home. Amen Thank you.” A ghost is a lost bodiless human soul who is unable to see the lighted Gate which leads to our Home (call it Heaven, Paradise or Nirvana). That invocation works for me and my friends, but it has to be said with faith that it will work. Have a peaceful day 🙂


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