Mystery of Our Bicameral Brain

Artists, writers, mystics and, predominantly, women use their right brain hemisphere which controls dreams, prophecies, intuition, imagination, feelings, beliefs and fantasies. The left. “male” hemisphere controls logic, detailed knowledge, facts and reality – whatever that can mean these days. Click on the link and discover for yourself which part of the bicameral brain is predominant in you. If the dancer moves clockwise, then you are mainly right brain person; if anticlockwise – you are logical, factual, no-nonsence person, but maybe also lacking imagination. See if you can control that dancer by making her turn in the opposite direction. No human being is 100% right-or-left these days, though there was a time when humanity was full of dreams and fantasies and reason slept soundly. Maybe it’s time to start moving kcab to that Dreamtime (the link comes from an Australian site, where Dreaming Time is well known) and reduce the arrogant power of the left brainers. The girl turns for me clockwise and only reluctantly changes to anticlockwise. I need my right brain for blogging. JI


Komentarze 3 to “Mystery of Our Bicameral Brain”

  1. szekina Says:

    Hah! What is it? Firstly I saw her dancing anticlockwise and couldn’t see differently. And then suddenly she was dancing clockwise and now I can’t come back to the other direction… Strange…

    After a while: she turns one side and then the other. It is hard to believe, how is it possible…

  2. szekina Says:

    But I can’t control that, it just happens…

  3. stefan Says:

    szekina: well, both your hemispheres are obviously well balanced ! I can only envy because while I can turn the dancer anticlockwise, my dominant side is the right brain. To turn her the other way I have to watch onlz teh shadows of her feet and then she turns right to left. There is another way but you have to discover it for yourself. hehe 😉


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