Reading Conscious Dream Symbols

See your life as a dream and then interpret it symbolically, as if you had dreamed it.” Robert Moss, a Tasmanian on American radio programme as reported on SynchronicityPhenomena discussion list.

I am a the moment at that peculiar stage of my conscious lifedream, which is more like an unresolved nightmare. What makes it more difficult is that my dreamtowerxvi has become entangled with that of another lifedreamer, close to me. There are sometimes such strange situations when one or more life dreamers link to one another, perhaps, through some old or recent karma debts which have to be resolved. My co-dreamer was allowing me to create around her for a long time a “safe haven”, where she could feel cared for and protected. But today, after a disturbed night during which she talked to an invisible visitor, that quiet harbour ceased to exist and it was her decision to escape from it. There are very few symbols which I can see, but am unable to interpret. Invisible presence of the deceased members of her family whom she was looking for; stairs – descending or in danger of falling down could mean exit into another dimension or merely a desperate attempt to find a way out of a health situation. There are also tell-tale numbers. My co-dreamer birth number is seven; mine is eight. Today is a strange tangle of those two numbers: 4/12/28.  Fourth of December is 16 which is two eights, but alsocould be read as Tarot card  XVI “Tower struck by lightning “ where two human figures are falling to the ground. That card usually means a dramatic change, which involves destruction of old forms. Sixteen is also seven by gematria (1+6). The year 28 is 7777, so the day has unusual clutter of  five sevens, but multiplied it is 35 which is 8. My co-dreamer is in hospital now and her bed number is…seven, of course. I am sure those numerical symbols, combined with others, carry some important meaning for both of us. They talk, but their meanings are possible of many levels of interpretation.  I have to wait and see how our entwined conscious dreams are resolved. 



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