7. The Magic Year of Nine Primes

I am not a numerologist, but I just happen to believe that numbers are the Energy of Creation – in shorthand. This is particularly true of prime numbers. This new year is made up of eight consecutive primes. 2010=2x3x5x(7+11+13+17+19) or 30×67, the latter being the sum of five consecutive primes in brackets. As my birth number is eight, I feel that this year I might have been given a key to…yes…to what? I have no idea, but I am certainly going to look this gift horse into its nine teeth. The year may be a secret Gate door to some unique opportunities or odd happenings or any other number of probablities and possibilities. Strangely enough, I was asked this morning by a postman to sign my name on a strange electronic gadget with a key to acknowledge the receipt of a parcel. I have never done that before as it must be some new gadget introduced by the Post Office. Well, it looks like a good beginning on this Epiphany Day, anyway. Happy Primes Year to all who may read this blog. PS. This photo shows how an ash tree outside my window signals me in winter by twisting its branches into my birthday number Eight. Good omens all round.




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